Dog cries all night and no one picks her up; shelter decides to take her photo as an option of last resort


The staff at High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) of New Mexico have dedicated their lives toward helping pets in needs, rescuing them, and sharing their photos on social media to increase the adoption rate amongst the population.

In one of the trips, the shelter’s shared photo includes that of a caged puppy. From behind the bars, he looks toward the people with devastating eyes, begging for adoption, or just a way to get out of there first.

When the HPHS shared the photo on social media, it did the job to hundreds of pet lovers from all around the world. His devastated eyes were enough to have adoption requests pouring in in the next days.

Among many applications, a woman was chosen to be the forever companion of this sad puppy. Now, safe and sound, the puppy is finally glad to have gotten a loving home. He turned into a happy dog almost as soon as she adopted him. We hope that every dog in this shelter and other shelters around the world finds their forever home like this dog just did.


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