Dad, A Girl Invited Me Over To Her House


Dad, a girl invited me over to her house

“Oh that is great, Billy. But you should be careful, you are young and an STD or unwanted pregnancy is going to be devastating. Please, remember to wear a condom if the situation arises… Actually, no. I don’t trust you, son. Put it on right now, because at the heat of the moment you will forget.”

And so Billy did. And he head over to the girl’s place. After a chat and some drinks, things got saucy.

” Wait” she said, “In order to continue, you have to pass a test.” She then removed her shirt, proclaiming “My breasts! Pure and untouched. Only the sun on beach days had ever had a feel of them”

She then removed her skirt. “My thighs. Pure and touched by no one. Only the wind on breezy days has ever felt their softness.”

Finally, she removed her panties. “And last, my vagina, pure and untouched. No one has ever felt its warmth, nor the wind nor the sun. So tell me, Billy, should I let you feel my body? Are you capable to match my purity?”

“Sure”, he claims as he pulls downs his pants, “I am so pure and untouched, my willy is still in the the wrapper”


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