Couple Met On Messenger, Getting Married 2 Years After Their First ‘Wave’

These days, meeting new friends on the internet is actually easy. Social media allows people to connect with old friends and even strangers! Sometimes it is these friendly ‘waves’ on messenger that actually brings a couple to the altar!

Photo source: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

A woman named Kate Garcia-Axalan shares how she met Gian Arlo Axalan on Messenger. All started with a wave from Gian Arlo on December 6, 2017. Gian Arlo apparently saw her somewhere on his newsfeed and he decided to introduce himself.

After that first ‘wave’, the two developed a friendship that would quickly turn into something more. In spite of the distance, the two would soon find love in each other. The couple may not expect that from that simple wave, the two would become a couple?

Photo source: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

Soon enough, the couple would meet in person and affirm their love for each other. They continued with their long-distance relationship. Somehow, despite only meeting each other on social media, the two managed to keep their love strong.

Sometime later, Gian Arlo would propose to Kate – and she said “Yes!” Awwwww. Isn’t that sweet?

Photo source: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

Kate shared photos that chronicled their love story, right from the moment that her boyfriend sent her a ‘wave’ on Messenger to their first meeting to the day they were engaged – and to the day they finally tied the knot.

Since Gian Arlo and Kate considered December 6 as a special day, also the day they first ‘met’ on social media, they decided to get married on December 6. So, exactly 2 years after their first ‘wave’ on Messenger, both got married.

Photo source: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

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