Choose an Eye and See The Hidden Secrets Of Your Personality!


Our subconscious is a very dark place that takes years and years of psychoanalysis to understand. It can reveal our deepest fears, secret desires, and suppressed emotions. However, some of us don’t even know the basic traits of our personalities, let alone the deep workings of them.

We created a fun personality test to help you understand what kind of person you are and to determine what your psychological and emotional state is.

1. You’re an open soul.

You’re a very gentle and empathetic person who would welcome anyone into your heart. You believe in gaining experiences rather than shutting yourself off to the world. You’d rather get hurt or upset than having no emotions at all. Nevertheless, you try to avoid showing the world your worries and insecurities and you don’t like sharing your problems with other people – you believe such issues should be dealt with in private.

You continually try to be there for other people even if you’re heartbroken deep down inside. Helping other people is one of your best qualities.


2. You’re a conscientious individual.

You consider yourself fair and you like doing the right thing. It’s one of your basic values in life and you try to follow it. You like making an excellent first impression and you have a perfect image of your ideal self in your head that you try to live up to. You also believe that your actions make a huge impact in the lives of others, no matter how generous or minor they might be.

You don’t like seeing misery and injustice around you, and you try to correct it through your own actions. Your life’s motto is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” And that is what you try to follow every single day.


3. You’re trapped in your own past.

Deep down inside, you feel like you’re trapped, but sometimes you can’t really pinpoint where that feeling is coming from. You’re the type of person who has had a very wild and unpleasant past and it still affects you today. You can’t help feeling that your life is some sort of sick and ironic joke. Yet, you are very strong and you always try to find peace in any way you can – in even the smallest things in your daily life.

You don’t share your darkest thoughts with the world and you’ve learned to deal with situations and your feelings on your own. You’ve been hurt a lot but you keep that to yourself. You are an excellent judge of character plus you know how to pick up the pieces when they fall apart.


4. You’re a philosophical person.

You like to observe and analyze the details. You like to examine words and images in order to make sense of the world around you. It’s like every sentence is a puzzle and you need to break it down piece by piece because that’s the only way to get the true meaning out of it – and not a lot of people can do that. You overthink and overanalyze a lot.

This way, you can get to know the deeper meaning of things.

You get lost very easily in your own thoughts and this causes your perception to become blurred. You can’t always identify what’s considered “right” or “wrong.” Yet, you don’t want to show the world how unsure you are about things and you consider yourself to be a very confident individual. You see life as a complicated puzzle, and you try to figure out all where all the pieces fit.

You may not ever understand the meaning of everything, but you’re okay with that.


5. You’re mysterious.

You’re the type of person who has not yet figured yourself out, but you’re sure of one thing: you don’t like labels and putting yourself in a box. You like contradictions and your feelings are easily affected by the simplest things. Nonetheless, you don’t share much about yourself with others since you don’t really like how they try to fit you into a box.

You are a person of few words and puzzling actions. You are a spectator, you like to see reactions, to observe, and you like watching and listening to people before sharing your opinion. You only say things that you’re absolutely certain of.


6. You’re a sensitive, gentle person.

You’re the type of person who likes observing things. You feel well-rooted in the world and you are very aware of everything around you because you can read people and situations very easily. You can feel very deep, strong emotions and sometimes, even the most insignificant things can affect you. You cry easily even when laughing because your emotions are usually extremely strong.

You don’t mind showing the world your weaknesses or how fragile you are because you feel that you have nothing to hide and you show people your intuitive side. You are good at understanding situations and you are often the first person to see what’s coming.


7. You’re a fiery person.

You are the type of person who is very energetic, powerful, and passionate. You are very powerful and influential and people usually look up to you or they express how much they admire you. There is nothing that is understated about your personality – you either love with all of your heart or hate with all of your power. Everything for you is either black or white – there is NO gray whatsoever.

You have very strong views and you can make up your mind very easily. Deep down, you are quite an anxious person but you don’t like showing that side of yourself because it’s vulnerable and you don’t like your vulnerabilities to be exposed. Occasionally, you can’t help but build up a tragedy in your head a little bit more than it’s worth, but deep down you like it.


8. You’re an eccentric person.

You are the kind of person who has unusual interests, hobbies, and practices. A term that truly defines you is “unique.” You were constantly perceived as a weirdo but it never really bothered you what other people thought. You don’t follow the rules and you have no respect for the status quo.

You do things your own way because you trust your instinct more than anything.

You show other people everything about yourself because you feel like you have nothing to hide and you ignore those who judge you. You try to be a good example and be respectful, yet you also try to help others pursue their dreams because you believe that’s where true happiness lies. You find a lot of joy in being a rebel.


9. You’re lively and outgoing.

You are somebody who is energetic, outgoing, and emotionally open. You’re the classic leader type. You’re charismatic, passionate, and very well-behaved. You’re always there when other people need you, you constantly know what to say, and you’re always available to help anyone without second-guessing.

You have a wonderful career and an amazing family, yet you are no stranger to sadness. You always talk about your feelings because you think that you’ll hurt more if you don’t. You try to see the best in people even if you’ve been treated dishonorably.

Which eye did you choose? Did the results surprise you? Let us know in the comments below.

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