Choose a Window to Reveal Your Personality. This is So Accurate.


If you choose:

1. The Large Window

You are sociable and popular; you like to have people around you. But unlike people you consider extroverted, you are a little lonely. When you are alone, stay with your thoughts, something that does not satisfy you too much. You prefer to be with your friends! Fortunately, you have cordial and deep relationships around you, but you always feel that there is a lack of a relationship.

2. The Closed Blinded Window

You have a mysterious and mysterious personality. Although you have many friends and love around you, you do not mind being alone. You may have felt alone even when you were a child, but now you find solace in the silence. You realized that it made you stronger and smarter when you trusted your thoughts. You have a lot of relationships, friendly, casual and deep with their friends.

3. The Open Blind Window

You still have a lot of friends around you. They admire you for your opening. You like to spend time with people, whether they are your closest and closest friends or casual acquaintances. You will probably always have an open conversation on your computer or receive many texts during the day. You have an open minded personality, funny and easy. You have a strong head on theiryour shoulders, but prefer to do something only to sit.

4. The Small Window

You have a shy and passive personality. The people around you are always trying to be friends with you, but sometimes you do not seem to be aware of what’s around you. Once you open your eyes, you will realize that the outside world is filled with love! So many people have your mind in mind and really want to be your friend and confidant. You are so beautiful, smart and funny – it’s time to share this with the world!

5. The Window Near the Floor

You have a special spark, a unique charm that people just can not shake hands with. You are rich in love, in light and you have a fantastic personality. You are always at the center of your concerns, whether you like it or not. People seem to gather around you and many friends know each other because of their relationship with you.




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