Céline Dion is having serious issues; she can no longer walk and she weighs 85 pounds


According to close relatives and friends of Céline Dion, the singer had to postpone her tour due to serious health problems. She can no longer walk, according to a source cited by Here Magazine, as a result of “severe and continuous muscle spasms” that have recently gotten worse.

She is no longer able to move or walk, let alone get out of bed. She experiences foot and leg pain that paralyses her. She has lost a lot of weight and is really frail, the person claimed. “The sickness may call for a protracted period of recuperation. She might not return for several months or even a year if things don’t get better. as expected, her symptoms are increasingly concerning.

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The singer expressed her own heartbreak in a moving Instagram post, writing: “This circumstance has devastated my heart. Since my crew and I have been working on our new show for eight months, I am utterly devastated that we won’t be able to perform it in November.

In spite of the fact that the Canadian superstar’s tour, Courage, was a big success in September 2019, she had to cancel the remaining North American performances in January 2022 because of the ongoing muscle spasm she had been dealing with for a while. This time, she let her followers know that her recovery from her condition was taking longer than anticipated. The good news is that things are improving slightly, although they are moving very slowly. And it really aggravates me. You are aware that I am receiving medical care from my doctors and taking medication, but I still have some spasms and my recovery is taking much longer than I had intended, she stated.

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The Grammy Award winner concluded her statement by expressing her support for the people of Ukraine.

Dion had planned for her tour to start in May 2022, but the dates have since been moved to February 2023 due to her health problems. She postponed her residency in Las Vegas at the same time.

Fans have been concerned for Dion, who is far skinnier than a normal person should be, ever since the death of her spouse. The superstar only weighs about 85 pounds, according to sources. She previously claimed she adored her appearance and paid little attention to criticism. Many were, however, alarmed by her appearance.

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