Car Mechanic Becomes Doctor At The Age Of 47 After Over 25 Years Of Fixing People’s Cars

It is never too late for one’s dream to be achieved irrespective of age, this man’s story has demonstrated.

Carl Allamby, a resident in Cleveland, US went from fixing people’s cars to treating the owners of cars – humans themselves.

According to BecauseofThemWeCan, Carl became an expert diagnostician at the age of 47 after being a car mechanic for 25 years. The man had first wanted to acquire a business degree Carl’s humble background meant he had to make ends meet at an early age.

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While his father worked as a part-time photographer and his mum was a stay-at-home parent, at the age of 16, he kick-started his mechanic career at a workshop close to his family’s residence in Cleveland, US.

Carl got a job at an auto parts store close to his family’s residence and from there soon he became a boss of his own after mastering the ‘how’ to fix cars. As business boomed, he considered expanding his operations and this made him enroll for a business degree. Reportedly, Carl took night classes.

Photo source: Gus Chan/

How he switched careers to being a doctor

According to, Carl’s encounter with a teacher, Dr Micah Watts, was the clog in the wheel of his desire to get a business degree and engineered his interest in the medical field. Carl said: “He just lit up when he walked into the room. “After the first hour of class, I was like, ‘This is what I want to do. I have to go into medicine.’ It was like a light switched on.” It is noteworthy that the incident happened in the year 2019.

Photo source: Gus Chan/


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