Can You Spot The PEAR Among The Smiling Ducks? 9 Out Of 10 People Can’t.

Today is another amazing day to solve picture puzzles that will give your brain the daily exercise it needs.

Brain games such as riddles and puzzles can help improve your cognitive function, keep your memory sharp, help you make wiser decisions, and solve real-life problems faster and easier!

That is why we have another brainteaser that you can share with your friends and family. Are you ready?

Take a look at the image below and see if you can spot the hidden pear!

The picture shows smiling ducks looking for a pond, lake, or bathtub! These adorable creatures may make you want to go to the nearest park but before doing so, make sure that you’ve solved this puzzle first!

The challenge is to find the pear among the ducks. Have you spotted it yet?

If you have found the fruit, congratulations! You’re one of the few people who managed to find it right away. But if you’re still searching, don’t fret as the answer is already provided below.

Before scrolling down to view the pear’s location, try to do your best first and take another look at the image above. Feel free to ask your friends and family for help for additional fun!

Giving up? Scroll down to see the answer…


There’s the pear!


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