Can You Spot The One Happy Elf In Santa’s Stressful Workshop?

CHRISTMAS is less than two weeks away and Santa’s workshop is in disarray as the elves prepare for the big day.

There’s a lot to be done – there are toys that need to be fixed, gifts that must be wrapped and Christmas cheer that needs to be spread.

Can you find the happy elf?

Credit: MIST

As chaos hits the workshop, every elf is feeling the stress – except for one.

This easy-going elf is embracing the spirit of Christmas, and working to get the job done whilst not letting the pressure get to them.

Can you spot the one cheery elf in Santa’s stressful workshop?

Created by the team at MIST, this fiendishly tricky brainteaser tests even the savviest of readers.

The happy elf is cleverly nestled amongst sad elves and other Christmas features, so good luck.

To make things even harder, there’s a whole host of things going on ready to test your gaze.

It’s also REALLY small – so that doesn’t help.

Unfortunately there’s no clues available for this one, so you’re on your own.

Are you ready?

The time to beat stands at 1 minute, can you beat the clock?

Scroll down where you’ll discover the answer circled below…

Good luck!

Did you spot the happy elf?

Credit: MIST

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