Can You Find The Rubber Glove Among The Chickens.


 A colourful graphic, supplied by Rainbow International, who offer commercial and restoration cleaning franchises in the UK, asks puzzlers to find the rubber glove among the chickens.

The quickest time taken to complete the hard puzzle is 19 seconds – but that’s a record.

On average, it can take puzzlers up to a minute to find the glove – so why not give it a go and see how you get on?

The latest brainteaser (pictured) challenging the nations asks netizens to fin the rubber gloves among the chickens

However, with a chicken’s comb classically looking very similar to a glove, it’s a truly tricky brain teaser to perplex your mind.

Perhaps you might have been seeking one in a traditional marigold colour? If you’re after a clue, look for a red rubber glove.

If you still can’t find it even with a bit of guidance, then feast your eyes towards the bottom of the graphic.

Another mind-bending brainteaser which has left puzzle-lovers feeling perplexed is a graphic created by Stonegate Pub Company.

The answer resides towards the very bottom of the picture, as shown by the white arrow


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