Can You Find The Eyeshadow Amongst An Array Of Tempting Treats?


A released for Autumn challenges puzzlers to find the eyeshadow amongst an array of tempting treats.

Filled with delicious delicacies, fashion fun and lifestyle luxuries, the mind-boggling graphic, created by leading fashion and lifestyle destination Meadowhall, features a range of items designed to catch the eyes of any savvy shopper.

But will the eagle-eyed be able to seek out the eyeshadow hidden amongst the autumnal haul – and beat the 46 second record?  

The latest brainteaser challenges netizens to find the eyeshadow amongst an array of tasty treats – but can you find the hidden item?

The brainteaser was released to celebrate the success of the company’s exclusive late-night experience.

Darren Pearce, Centre Director at Meadowhall, said: ”Whether you’re looking to update your look, pick up some sushi-making skills or simply find a good spot to catch up with friends, there are all sorts of undiscovered opportunities to find at Meadowhall.’

‘The fun is in the exploring and we hope our puzzle hopes to whet the appetite of those ready to find something new!’

If you really can’t search any longer, you’ll find the answer towards the bottom right-hand side of the puzzle.

If you’re struggling to find the answer, feast your eyes towards the bottom right-hand side of the picture


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