Can You Find The Christmas Gonk Without A Nose, So Will YOU Beat Yhe 43 Second Record?

DO you love Christmas gonks and reckon you have a great attention to detail?

A tricky festive brain teaser is asking people to spot the Santa-lookalike figure who has lost his nose.

Can you spot the Christmas gonk without a nose?

The colourful puzzle has been created by home furnishings retailer Terrys who challenge you to find the noseless cheeky gonk among his fellows.

The puzzle creators claim that on average the puzzle takes 45 seconds for people to spot the odd one out.

Speedier searches have been able to finish the puzzle in just 34 seconds – so how long will it take you?

With so many adorable gonks together, the combination of bright and festive colours makes this challenge more difficult for those participating.

Reckon you have what it takes?

Check out if you got it right by scrolling down to find the nose-less gonk below…

Did you manage to spot the odd gonk out on the brain teaser?

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