Calm our worries tonight.

 Dear God, calm our worries tonight and give us Your peace so we can rest. Protect my loved ones and keep Your healing hands on my family and friends in the coming days.

Dear God, I thank You tonight, for You always bless me and take care of me, guiding me to walk in Your truth, in Your righteousness, in Your way.

 Now dear Father, at the time to close the day, I ask You, dear Father God, to protect and watch over my family and friends. Bless us with Your peace and Your healing love.

Help us to have rest completely in Your unfailing love.
Thank You, Father, for Your work of comfort and grace. Thank you for showing me the way and that is through you.
Thank You, Father, bless me with a night of restful sleep, that tomorrow will be a very productive day.

So that today, I will start my day with a grateful heart.
In Jesus’ mighty name I pray, Amen