Bride Wears Tactile Dress So Her Blind Husband Can ‘Feel’ How She Looks On Wedding Day

Weddigs are usually oe of the most special days of someoe’s life. It’s a hoor to be able to celebrate oe’s love i frot of their earest ad dearest. For couple Athoy ad Kelly Ae Ferraro, their weddig proved to be extra special.

Athoy is a musicia ad motivatioal speaker, but he’s also a blid Paralympic athlete i traiig. To make their weddig eve more special for Athoy, Kelly Ae decided to wear a tactile dress so that her husbad-to-be could feel how she looked. Postig to his Istagram o Oct. 14, Athoy shared footage of the couple’s big day ad wrote, “She eve wore a tactile weddig dress so I could feel how beautiful she was.”

The icredibly sweet gesture eve has its roots i the couple’s first date, which took place after they met i 2017 o the Jersey Shore. For the couple’s first date, Kelly Ae wore a velvet dress, which Athoy later wrote about i a movig Istagram post.

He said:

“Someoe who put herself i my shoes ad wet as far as wearig a velvet dress to our first date so I could feel her beauty.”

Ever sice gettig together, the couple has opeed up each other’s worlds. They bega travelig together, which helped Athoy experiece the world i ways he had ever imagied. He wrote i the same Istagram post:

“At this poit my life istatly chaged, I was o loger blid, I could see for the first time. Kelly Ae became my eyes while we experiece the world i a whole ew way. We took the extra time to stop ad ejoy differet objects, sceery, ad ladscapes while she described to me i perfect picture detail ad the we would experiece it with our other seses.”

Clearly very coected, it must have bee the most woderful surprise whe Kelly Ae decided to do somethig special for her love o their weddig day. Parterig up with sustaiable bridal boutique Loulette Bridal from Brookly, ew York, Kelly Ae wated to create a tactile weddig gow so that Athoy could feel how beautiful she looked. Adored i lace flowers, velvet ad silk, the gow felt as beautiful as it looked.

What’s more, she wated it to be a surprise for the big day. Athoy later told Isider:

“I was’t allowed to kow aythig about it. I eve wet with her to pick it up i Brookly, but I was’t allowed to go i with her. I had to wait i the car.”

Athoy added:

“It just fit her like a glove.”

But Kelly Ae was’t doe yet — she had a secod surprise for her husbad. I hoor of the velvet dress she wore o their first date, she had a custom white velvet jacket made, complete with frige detailig. The groom could’t stop playig with the frige detailig all ight, as he told Isider:

“It was the most amazig feelig, rubbig it back ad forth, ad rubbig her back with the velvet. It’s so ostalgic ad so beautiful. Those textures made me able to visualize Kelly perfectly i my head.”

The couple eve icorporated other tactile elemets for the weddig ad ceremoy, icludig wrappig the tet poles i bubble wrap after Athoy accidetally hit his head so hard he early kocked himself ucoscious — twice! They the added burlap ad flowers aroud the bubble wrap to make it look pretty.

Source: Apost, Insider

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