Bride offers heartfelt wedding homage for her husband who is deaf


If you are among the fortunate people who find your soul mate, make sure you never let them go. True love is difficult to find.

Scott and Elizabeth immediately connected on a deep level and realised they were meant to be together. Despite Scott being profoundly deaf since birth, Elizabeth nevertheless fell completely in love with him.

The two made the decision to be married about two years after meeting.

Everyone who had supported them was present on the day of their wedding to help them celebrate the most significant occasion of their life. Elizabeth was ecstatic and eager to marry the man she had loved her entire life. Scott shared in the excitement, but he had no idea that his bride had prepared a big surprise for him.

She had to learn sign language so they could communicate with one another. Elizabeth signed their wedding song, Kristen Perry’s “A Thousand Years,” on the big day.

Everyone who was present was moved by Scott’s lovely and heartfelt gesture, especially his own. He struggled to stop the tears from streaming down his face.

He already knew Elizabeth was the one, and everything only served to reinforce that.

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