Boy With Autism Writes This Poem, Teacher Is Lost For Words


In reality, poetry can often touch our emotions it may make us laugh, cry or leave us speechless. There are a number of poems that are in a position to do more easily than many others, and this one deserves a place among them. What might come as a surprise is it had been composed with a boy with disabilities, as well as the teacher was shocked.

A pupil, Benjamin Giroux, has been requested to compose a poem and was given a homework assignment. Rather than he’d take the opportunity to pour his heart out and let folks understand what it was like to live with autism. The results were astonishing.

Since he was autistic, Benjamin had felt different and sometimes, it made him stand out in the kids. His poem, “I’m,” reveals his emotions in this distinctive way and if you examine it, you may see he is a unique kid. Because it was written by him, the poem was viral and the National Autism Association emphasized and made sure they published it on it’s social channels.



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