Because of their strong friendship, Queen Elizabeth wanted Princess Anne to travel with her on her final journey


On September 19, Westminster Abbey hosted the funeral for Queen Elizabeth. The service was attended by more than 2,000 individuals, while thousands more said their final goodbyes in London’s streets.

Planning for the funeral and the events that would follow the Queen’s death has been ongoing for a while. Her Majesty apparently played a significant role in it. According to insiders, among other things, Queen Elizabeth wanted Princess Anne, her only child, to play a significant part in her farewell, at least as far as her own personal “parts.”

London, United Kingdom – June 16, 2007: Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II followed on horse by Princess Anne arrive to the Trooping the Colour ceremony.

It should go without saying that with Queen Elizabeth’s departure, King Charles and the rest of the Royal Family are in mourning. Monday, they pay their respects in remembrance.

Queen Elizabeth’s demise has been meticulously prepared for a very long time. The plans were made public by Politico last year, but it appears that the Queen actively contributed to its creation.


The only daughter of Her Majesty, Princess Anne, was selected by Queen Elizabeth to perform a crucial part in escorting her casket in the days preceding the official funeral in Westminster Abbey, according to the Daily Mail.

Days following Her Majesty’s passing, Anne was primarily responsible for bringing the Queen’s casket from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh. On the flight to London, she also carried the Queen’s coffin.


On her way to Westminster Hall, where her mother lay in state, Princess Anne followed closely behind her mother’s casket.

According to reports, Her Majesty had a significant hand in planning many aspects of her funeral. As a result, it was perhaps one of Queen Elizabeth’s last desires that Princess Anne travel with her.

Gareth Fuller – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Additionally, it demonstrates how important Anne was to her late mother.

Princess Anne and the Queen reportedly had a close friendship. When her mother became the Queen of England in 1953, she was just three years old.

Princess Anne paid tribute to the monarch on Instagram after her mother’s passing. She sent Queen Elizabeth a beautiful snapshot of herself.

Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

“I had the good fortune to be present for my dearest Mother’s final 24 hours. It has been a delight and an honour to travel with her on her last trips. It has been inspiring and humbling to see how much love and respect so many people have exhibited on these journeys, Anne wrote.

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

We shall all have special memories, she continued. I extend my gratitude to everyone who understands our sense of loss. We might have been made aware of how much we took for granted about her presence and contribution to our sense of national identity.

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