Atheist Tells Little Girl God Doesn’t Exist, and She Shuts Him Down with Simple Logic

Everyone has the right to their viewpoint, but it does not imply that they must force it on others. Some people, on the other hand, try to impose their perspectives because they like feeling superior. Anyone who believes differently than they do is not just wrong, but also lower on the food chain in their viewpoint. Perhaps such was the case with the man who decided to tell a young girl about his atheism. What was her response? I couldn’t think of an ideal scenario.


On a flight, an atheist sat next to a young girl and turned to her, asking, “Do you want to talk?” If you strike up a discussion with a fellow passenger, the flight will go by faster.”

“What would you like to chat about?” the small girl, who had just started reading her book, asked the total stranger.

“Oh, I’m not sure,” the atheist said. “Can you explain why there is no God, Heaven, Hell, or life after death?” as he smugly smiled


“All right,” she said. “Those might be intriguing topics, but first let me ask you a question.” The grass is the same for a horse, a cow, and a deer. On the other hand, a deer excretes tiny pellets, whereas a cow excretes a flat patty, but a horse passes clumps. “What do you think the reason is?”

The atheist, apparently taken aback by the little girl’s wisdom, mulls it over and responds, “Hmmm, I don’t know.”


“Do you really feel qualified to talk God, Heaven and Hell, or life beyond death when you don’t know crap?” the small girl asks.

She went back to reading her book after that.


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