An Old Man Wants To Meet His Grandson.


An old man decides he wants to meet his grandson before he dies.

He lives in the wilderness like a hermit so he hardly ever meets anyone.

So he invites his young grandson over to mark one item off his bucket list.

His grandson arrives and notices his grandfather is scarred all over and missing some of his limbs, most noticeably one of his hands.

“How did you lose your hand?”

“A lion bit it off during one of my hunting trips. Speaking of that, I was an avid hunter and have an impressive trophy room, let me show you”

The grandfather leads his grandson to his trophy room. It is filled with large animal heads mounted on the walls. The boy is in awe of all the different animals.

“There are lots of stories to tell with some of these, several even attacked me before I managed to kill them. This leopard here? Its name is Eerie. I named it that because it bit off my ear. I generally like to name them after something they took from me so I remember our encounter better”

As the boy looks around from animal to animal, he starts to ask about the stories behind them.

“What about that great big Crocodile? Does that one have a story?”

“Yes, it took several of my toes, so I named it Toto”

“What about this Tiger?”

“It took my eye, so it is named Iris”

Then the boy’s eyes are caught by an enormous lion, the most majestic trophy of them all.

“That must be the Lion that took your hand! Did you name it Hans?”

“Good guess, but no, I named it Hanc}}})ck”

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