An Old Man Spots An Attractive Lady


A wealthy old man spots an attractive lady at the grocery store and approaches her with an offer.
He says, “Ma’am, you are very beautiful, and I would love to give you $1,000.”
The woman, surprised and flattered, says,
“That’s very kind of you, but what would I have to do?”
The old man says,
“Just follow me home, take off all your clothes, pick the money up off the floor, and then you can get dressed and leave.”
“Wow, she says, that sounds great, but I’ll have to ask my husband if it’s okay with him first.”
The Woman calls her husband, explains the proposition and asks him what he thinks.
Husband says,
“Yeah baby, we could really use the money. Just pick it up real quick, get dressed, and get out of there.”
So the lady goes back to the old man, says she’ll do it, then follows him home, strips completely naked, and starts picking up the $1,000 off the floor.
An hour later, her husband calls her cellphone and asks what’s taking so long.
The lady, huffing and puffing, says,
“That dirty old man paid me in quarters, dimes, and nickels!”


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