An Old Man Is Flying From Los Angeles. –

An old man is flying from Los Angeles to New York.

During the meal service, he accidentally knocked the spoon off to the aisle with his elbow.

The flight attendant immediately took a spoon from his pocket and placed it on his tray table.

The old man was very impressed by the promptness of the service and asked,

“Do all flight attendants carry a spoon in their pockets?”

The flight attendant answered,

“We had an efficiency expert in to evaluate our operation. He determined that 25% of the customers knock the spoon off their ay tables. By carrying a spare spoon, we all save trips to the galley and can be much more efficient.”

Later, as the flight attendant is picking his dirty ay up, the customer asked,

“Excuse me for asking but why do you have a sing hanging from your fly?”

The flight attendant replied,

“The efficiency expert determined that we were spending too much time washing our hands after we went to the bathroom. To counteract this, we tie sings to our pen!ses.”

The old man looked confused.

“How does that help?” he asked.

“Well, when I go to the bathroom I just use the sing. Since I never touched myself I don’t need to wash my hands.”

The old man nodded and asked,

“But how do you get it back in your pants?”

The flight attendant smiled,

“I don’t know about the other guys, but I use the spoon.”

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