An Old Lady Won The Lottery.

One day an old lady won the lottery and bought a mansion.

She would wake up every day in her mansion lonely

So one day the old lady decided to buy a dog.

The old lady was so bored she wanted to name her Mansion but she could not think of a name for her mansion,

So she said to herself before she went to sleep first thing I see in the morning I’ll name my mansion!

The old lady falls asleep n awakes in the morning and sees a hairy b*tt!

The old lady says haha then my Mansion will be named Hairy b*tt!

The old lady got really bored n started thinking of names to name her dog she couldn’t think of a good one so she said the first thing I step on I’ll name my dog.

The old lady awakes in the morning steps on a crack the old lady says hahaha I’ll name my dog crack!

A whole week goes by and her dog comes up missing!

The old lady is in panic and calls the Police!

When the police arrive they ask the old lady what seems to be the problem?

The old lady replies back frantically I looked all over my hairy b*tt but I couldn’t find my crack!