An Old Granny And Her Grand Daughter Are Chatting.

An old granny and her granddaughter are chatting about grandpa

-Did you love him, grandma?

-Oh yes, I loved him so much. He was all my life, even though he was so lazy.

-How come?

-You see, every time there was something not working, he would never do anything about It.

“Al, the sink Is broken.”

“Do I look like a plumber?” He would reply.

“Hon, a brick fell off the wall!”.

“So what? Do i look like a bricklayer?”

And so on. Well, until one day.

-What happened?

-He came back from work and found everything fixed.

The sink working, the wall is repaired etc.

“Who did this?” He asked.

“You know that nice young neighbour’s son, that handsome guy with beautiful blue eyes? He came this morning and offered to fix all those things up.”

“Good lord, how much did he ask for? That looks expensive!”

“Not really, in return, he asked either to sleep with me or to have a cake baked.”

“Wait, you baked him a cake, right?”

“….do I look like a baker?”

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