An elementary teacher, middle manager, and lawyer go to heaven…

An elementary teacher, middle manager, and lawyer die and go to heaven…

St. Peter meets them at the pearly gates and explains that to get in they each have to answer one question correctly.

The teacher goes first. St. Peter says “What was the name of the famous ship that sank after striking an iceberg in 1912?”

“The Titanic!”

“Right, off you go.” The teacher runs through the gates and the middle manager goes up next. St. Peter asks, “How many people were on board?”

“Oh! I know that one! 2,208 on board and 712 survived!”

“Right, off you go.” The middle manager runs through the gates. St. Peter takes a look at the lawyer and goes, “Name them.”

An iron company manager, while touring the company noticed a young man leaning against the wall and doing nothing.

He approached him and said softly, “How much is your salary?”

The young man was calm and surprised by the personal question.

He answered, “2500 dollars a month, sir. Why?”

Without an answer, the manager took out his wallet and took out 2500 dollars in cash and gave it to the young man (as a termination of service).

Then he said, “I pay people here to work, not to stand around. Now this is your monthly salary in advance. Get out and don’t come back and I don’t want a discussion!!”

The young man was expelled from the factory

The manager looked at the rest of the workers and said in a threatening tone,

“This applies to everyone in this company , whoever does not work, we immediately terminate his contract.”

One of the employees approached the manager and asked him:

“Do you know who the guy you fired?”

The manager replied, “No.”

“He does not work here, sir. He’s a pizza delivery man.”


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