An Elderly Guy Gets Pulled Over By A Speed Cop.



An elderly guy gets pulled over by a speed cop as he’s doing 80mph in a 30mph zone.

The guy winds his window down as the cop approaches him and says

“I’m really sorry officer I know I was speeding but there is a good reason”.

The officer retorts “I’ve heard all the good reasons and I’ll listen but I know I’ll end up arresting you”.

So the guy starts; “Do you see that woman in the passenger seat”?

The officer looks and sees this stone faced woman glaring at him with fire in her eyes and nods to say he can see her.

The guy then says “ Can you also see the woman in the back seat”?

The officer looks to see an older even more stone faced version of the first woman, again with fire in her eyes.

He nods in acknowledgement to the driver again.

The driver then says

“the woman in the passenger seat is my wife and the woman in the back is her mother who came to stay with us for 3 weeks 9 months ago”.

“This morning they had a massive argument and vowed never to speak to each other ever again”.

“So the reason I’m speeding is to get my mother in law back to her house as quickly as possible before they make up”

The officer looks at the driver, nods and says

“Shit I didn’t know it was an emergency, I’ll radio ahead to get the road clear and put my siren and flashing lights on,you follow me and we’ll get her home before that happens”.

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