An Arrogant, Rich Man Passed Away One Day


An arrogant, rich man passed away one day.
In his will, he entrusted $100,000 in cash to each of his closest advisers: his accountant, his doctor, and his lawyer.

In his will, he instructed that each of them was to put all their money into an envelope and place it into his coffin at his funeral, so he could have his money even after death.

On the day of the funeral, each of his advisers came with a large envelope and placed it one by one in the wealthy man’s open casket.

At the end of the funeral, when the man was buried, each of the advisers walked away from the cemetery together.

The accountant told the other two, “I have to admit I didn’t put all of the money in. I kept $20,000 for myself and only put in $80,000.”

The doctor replied, “I should be honest too. I kept $30,000 to myself and only put in $70,000.”

The lawyer looked at the other two with disdain and said, “I’m ashamed of both of you. Our client instructed us to put in $100,000 each into his casket, and I’ll have you know I put in a check for the full amount!”



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