Always keep your inner child alive


Maybe you can’t go back to childhood, but nothing can stop you from rocking your inner child, forever!

Some of us may not have had the best of our childhood, not enough time to play with friends, see movies and more. Some of us were even separated from our siblings and parents at childhood and never had the opportunity to experience parents and siblings’ care.

Because of this we grow up into resentful adults where we often express this inner entitlement of ours in negative ways. We become erratic and agitative when we see other children play. While these feelings are true and cannot be overridden, you should understand that time is just time, but you can always be any version of yourself as much as you are alive.

Now that you are adult and you have the means, it is time to unleash the child in you. If you still remember MJ, you will remember when he had to go back inside of time to enjoy his childhood.

Nobody can stop you from enjoying the satisfying experience of being a child. You just must find someone like you, and you are good. You can do it till your last breath.

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