Almost Nobody Can Spot The Horse Hiding In This Ordinary Picture Of A Frog. Do You See It?


Like optical illusions? Well, we’ve got one for you. Martin Wheeler Optometrists posted this drawing on their website and asked followers if they saw a frog or a horse:

The frog is pretty easy to spot. If you couldn’t see the frog, you might want to consult with Martin about your eyesight.

But the horse is a different matter. Can you spot it? I’ll give you some time to stare at the picture hopelessly.

Having some trouble? I’ll give you a hint. Check out that lily pad the frog is standing on. Anything about it look strange?

Still can’t find it? So, here’s the key: I only found the horse when I put my head sideways on my hand in frustration. So if you are having trouble, turn your phone. Yes, I am assuming you are reading this on your phone. If you are not, then just turn your head. It’s how I’m told people used to do it back in ye olden times.

OK fine, I’ll do it for you. See it now?

It’s a horse! Of course.


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