Age is just a number


Age is irrelevant; ask me how many trips I have taken, sunsets I have seen and the people I have loved; that’s how old I am.

Age is nothing, but a number, and most times it can serve as a hindrance to achieving greater heights.

My grandmother at the age of sixty-eight started pursuing a college degree; some laughed at her, asking what an old woman could need a certificate for that she should focus on raising her grandkids, but she never relented.

She knew what she wanted and over the years, child-bearing stopped her from pursuing her goal, but this time around she wanted to get that which she has always wanted.

She enrolled in an adult school, got a certificate in midwifery and nursing.

She now has her maternity home set up and no death has been recorded so far. She has touched a lot of lives through her work and also helped women deliver safely and with less pain.

During one of my chats with her, she said what motivated her was her mother; she was a midwife and stopped practicing because of lack of a degree and the health facilities cautioned her never to indulge in such acts again as she isn’t a professional.

She named the maternity after my great-grandma, and she has trained my mom in case anything happens to her in the long run.

She has created a legacy for our family, even at old age she has the IQ of a genius; age is indeed just a number.

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