After royals decide against inviting Joe Biden, Donald Trump will not be attending the Queen’s burial


The Queen’s burial will be a formal occasion, unlike anything the world has seen in recent memory. International dignitaries and diplomats will visit to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth.

Over the course of her lengthy reign, the Queen held meetings with a number of American Presidents. Harry Truman was the first US President the Queen met, and Joe Biden, whom she only recently met, was the last.

Many nations throughout the world were startled when Donald Trump won the US presidential election in 2017. Similar opinions on Trump were not shared favourably in the United Kingdom.

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Trump’s first trip to the UK in 2018 as president was seen as a working trip, hence he did not get an invitation from the Queen, as is customary when a Head of State travels to the country.

He had scheduled a visit for 2018, which had greatly upset Britons. Official protests against the President’s admission into their nation were made by over 250,000 people. Theresa May, the British prime minister at the time, changed the location of her dinner with then-President Trump to Blenheim Palace, which is 50 miles outside of the city, as a result of the response.

Neither did the House of Commons invite President Trump to come and speak to the chamber or to pay a visit. Again, this was regular procedure because Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who had both spoken before the parliament, had received invitations.


The most embarrassing incident for Trump, though, may have been when the mayor of London himself permitted protesters to launch a huge balloon with a picture portraying him as a grumpy baby in diapers holding a phone in his small hands.

This was Trump’s last straw, as he labelled Khan a “stone cold loser” and told the right-leaning tabloid The Sun, “I think when they put out blimps to make me feel uncomfortable, no reason for me to travel to London. I used to adore the city of London. But why would I stay there if they make you feel unwelcome?

During the President’s visit, anti-Trump activists protested his presence at each stop. Protesters were present to voice their opposition to Trump’s presence in their nation when he was ultimately invited to Windsor Castle for tea with Queen Elizabeth.


He requested that his visit to the UK in 2019 be different, and it was. He requested to spend the night at Buckingham Palace, but that request had been turned down because it was believed that the palace was undergoing restoration. Trump’s team made an effort but was unable to secure an invitation for an overnight stay in the palace.

The British ambassador in Washington cautioned the Home Office about how “inept” and “incompetent” the President was after learning about the full dialogue. Trump was furious and ordered the envoy be called back to the United States when these documents were released to the public. The ambassador thus lost his position in Washington, D.C.

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Trump received an invitation to the Queen’s luncheon at Buckingham Palace, but not an overnight stay. Even the invitation request from the president’s four children and their spouses was granted.

With the exception of Trump’s awkward hand placement on the Queen’s back during a speech in which he referred to her as “a great, great woman,” the evening was largely incident-free. Trump may have thought the gesture showed appreciation, but it actually violated royal protocol.

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I have such a terrific relationship [with the Queen], and we were laughing and having fun,” Trump later claimed in an interview about his banquet with her. She hasn’t had this much fun, according to her family, in 25 years. After that, I received criticism for it because people thought we were having too much fun. We have a great relationship with the UK, but I feel like I know her so well and she knows me very well right now.

But it appears that Trump may have been mistaken about how much the Queen treasured their friendship and their relationship.

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According to sources, Donald Trump has not gotten a similar invitation to the Queen’s burial in London as has incumbent US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden.

Trump was the only previous living president who did not receive an invitation to the Queen’s burial in London, along with Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush.

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