After his 24-year-old son died from hours of gaming, his heartbroken father issues a warning to parents and children.

The young man escaped into the realm of gaming after being furloughed during the lockdown. “Hours fly quickly when you’re engrossed in the screen,” the devastated parent observed.

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Stanley Greening, a distraught father who lost his son to a medical issue that may have been averted, remarked, “No parent should outlive their child, it’s so very wrong.”

Following the loss of his 24-year-old son, the bereaved father felt compelled to inform other parents and children about how his son, Louis O’Neill, died as a result of playing video games.

The father described how the epidemic and its consequences put his son in a rut that led to his death. “Louis, my lovely son, has left us. Not as a result of the malicious virus, but as a result of it “Last year, Stanley posted something on Facebook. “His youthful life, which he had only just begun and was still trying to find his feet, had been ripped away from him. The grief… I’m in a living hell after seeing my precious boy die like that.”

Louis was furloughed during the lockdown, which led to a spiral of inactivity and too many hours spent in front of a screen, according to Stanley.

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“He retreated to his gaming world to escape after being furloughed,” the parent continued. “He grew less active as he became engrossed in a virtual world, as is so readily done. Hours go by when you’re engrossed on a screen; I’ve done it countless times. But no one, and I mean no one, could have imagined a blood clot in a million years. And then it pulled my kid away from me, and I died inside with him.”

According to the New York Post, Louis was typically healthy and used to work as a soccer instructor at Center Parcs in Hertfordshire, UK. However, he acquired a blood clot, which can arise after prolonged periods of inactivity. Louis died of deep-vein thrombosis, a potentially fatal medical ailment that Stanley feels may have been avoided if his son had merely moved around more.

Louis had been complaining about leg pain for around two weeks before he passed away. When he contacted emergency personnel, he was told that it could have been caused by food poisoning.

Louis died in June, and doctors believe it was due to DVT, which is caused by long periods of inactivity and restricted blood flow, according to CafeMom.

Stanley added in his article that he is trying to raise awareness about the medical problem “Who is it that is informing the youth? Who is warning anyone, regardless of their age? Nobody!! So am I. My kid will live on, and in his honor, I will continue to convey this message. This awful catastrophe could have been avoided if he or we had been aware of the dangers. Although it is extremely rare in such conditions, I have learned from medical professionals that there have been a handful of cases in children during this lockdown. Like many others, I relate it with the elderly and something about which we are cautioned on planes!”

“With so many of us working from home these days, it’s probable you’re not getting out of your chair as much as you should,” the parent stated. “Please, get up and move around, and please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, If I can avert even one loss in my son’s honor, it will be a bright light shining on LOUIS. So, for Louis, STAND UP.”

The StandUpForLouis campaign was started by the bereaved family to raise awareness about “how blood clots may kill young, fit, healthy people.” A JustGiving fundraiser has also been established to promote awareness and educate people about the dangers of thrombosis.