After 60 years’ marriage the couple is lying in bed, wife feels husband’s hand on her thigh


After 60 years of marriage, Dwight and Barbara were very happy together. But their advanced age came with its downsides – namely, their s.e*x life was nowhere to be found. That is, until one night…

Feels her husband’s hand on her thigh
As they were lying in bed watching TV, when Barbara woman suddenly felt her husband touching her in a way that he hadn’t for a long time.

It almost tickled as his hand touched her neck, and then slowly wandered down to her waist. He caressed her neck, grazed her breast, then traveled further down, to rest on her lower belly.

Suddenly stops
He then continued up along the inside of her arm, along her left side, once again grazing her breast, lightly touching her behind, then her inner thigh, coming to rest on her upper thigh. He then repeated the procedure, this time on her right side.

Suddenly he stopped, rolled over and started watching the TV.

Barbara had become quite aroused by his caressing, and she asked in a loving voice, “That was wonderful, dear. But why did you stop?”

Dwight replied absent-mindedly, “I finally found the remote!”


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