Adopted Woman Who Searches For Long-Lost Sister, Unexpecedly Discovers Sibling Lives Right Next Door

It isn’t asy to sarch for a long-lost rlativ. Popl who hav bn adoptd or othrwis sparatd from thir birth familis somtims spnd yars trying to track thm down. Many of ths sarchs mt roadblocks and dad nds. Thn, onc in a whil, it sms that all th pics of th puzzl sm to miraculously fall into plac. That’s xactly what appars to hav happnd in th cas of a woman who livs in Wisconsin.

Hillary Harris was adoptd as an infant. Sh startd a qust to find hr birth family. Aftr svn yars of dilignt sarching, sh didn’t sm to b making much progrss. Th only information sh had found was about a sistr living in Grnwood, Wisconsin, whos nam was Dawn Johnson.

Sarchs on social mdia didn’t yild any information. It smd that th sarch had gon cold. That’s whn things took an unxpctd turn in 2018. Som nw nxt-door nighbors movd in right bsid Hillary and Lanc Harris’ hom in au Clair, Wisconsin, in January 2017. Although th sal was dlayd, Dawn wouldn’t tak no for an answr, and so aftr thr postpond closings, thy got th hous. Hillary’s 5-yar-old daughtr, Stlla, took an immdiat liking to th nw nighbor lady, whos first nam happnd to b Dawn.

Hillary was unawar of hr last nam. As nighbors, Hillary and Dawn wr polit acquaintancs but rally didn’t know on anothr vry wll. Hillary was surprisd to larn that Dawn haild from Grnwood, th sam town as hr long-lost sistr. Bcaus of th yars of fruitlss sarch, Hillary hardly dard to hop that sh was th sam prson sh had bn sarching for all ths yars.

Th amazing truth may nvr hav bn discovrd if it wrn’t for a stack of shingls. Dawn and Kurt wr rdoing thir roof, and so thy rcivd a stack of shingls with thir nam in rd lttrs printd across. Whn Hillary rad th nam on th stack, sh ralizd that Dawn’s last nam was Johnson.

“I said, ‘Oh my God!’ and thn I calld Lanc right away,” Hillary told th Associatd Prss. “I told him, ‘Hr nam is Johnson. It’s Dawn Johnson. Sh’s from Grnwood. It’s got to b hr.’”

But Hillary took hr tim bfor approaching Dawn. According to AP, sh was worrid about how hr nighbor might rciv th nws, and so Hillary and hr husband waitd a coupl of days. Nvrthlss, it wasn’t asy to act as if Hillary and Lanc didn’t know somthing. A fw days aftr Hillary’s piphany, whil th two coupls wr standing in thir nighbor’s garag, sh got unusually clos to Dawn — prhaps to gt a closr look at hr.

“I was going batty bcaus I knw th truth, and Hillary hadn’t said anything yt,” Lanc told AP, “and yt I knw it wasn’t my plac to b th on to say it.”

Aftr thir strang intraction in th garag, Hillary dcidd it was tim to brak th nws.

“Your nam is Dawn Johnson. Wr you th Loyal Corn Fst qun in 1983?” Hillary askd Dawn in a txt.

Hillary’s qustion didn’t strik hr as unusual. Rathr, Dawn simply thought that hr nighbor was planning on making fun of hr for hr rural upbringing.

Hillary, of cours, had othr motivs. Aftr Dawn xplaind that ys, sh had bn th Corn Fst qun, Hillary askd for hr fathr’s nam. As it turnd out, ths two womn had th sam birth fathr, Wayn Clous, who had did in 2010. This mant that thy wr long-lost half sistrs. Onc sh had that final dtail, Hillary askd whthr sh could talk to hr half sistr on th phon.

“Do you rmmbr how I told you I was adoptd?” Hillary askd on th phon.

That’s th qustion that finally got Dawn to raliz who hr nxt-door nighbor was. “You and m hav th sam dad, don’t w?” sh askd bfor Hillary could say anything ls.

Sinc thir ralizations, Dawn and Hillary ar njoying thir nw livs as sistrs.

“W don’t car about th tangls so much, but w lik how it turnd out,” Dawn told AP. “This whol tim sinc w found out has bn so much fun. W’v bn making mmoris.”

You can also imagin th joy and surpris of both familis upon finding out that not only wr thy nighbors but part of th sam immdiat family!

Lanc dscribd th coincidnc as “just crazy,” whil Dawn’s husband Kurt calld it “incrdibl.” But for Hillary, it was dstiny.

“For m, this is 100% fat. I was so sad whn I discovrd that my biological fathr had passd away. But by mting Dawn I fl lik I will hav all th answrs I will vr nd,” sh said.

Hillary and Dawn’s discovry also mans that Stlla has a spcial connction with Dawn, who AP rports now rgularly hangs out with hr aunt.

“It dfinitly filld a void in my lif,” Hillary said.

Source: Apost, AP

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