A Zebra, Pondering His Life, Sips Water At The Edge Of A River.

A Zebra, pondering his life, sips water at the edge of a river….when a crocodile snaps up, bites the Zebras head and kills the zebra…

The zebra’s soul goes to heaven where St Peter meets the zebra to welcome his heaven.

The Zebra says…

“you know, I died because I was sitting there pondering if I was white with black stripes…..or black with white stripes. “

St Peter says..” well the only person who can answer that is God. Go see Him.”

The zebra follows signs to see God, and when it’s his turn he asks God…

.”Am I white with black stripes …or am I black with white stripes? “

God answers in a booming voice….

”You Are, What You Are….Next!”

As the Zebra walks out of Gods room he’s pondering what the heck just happened…and St Peter happens to walk by.

“Hey zebra, did you ask God your question?”

The zebra says….

”yes, I asked God…am I white with black stripes or black with white stripes…and God only said ‘you are what you are”

St Peter says ”that’s fantastic, there you go …you’re White with black stripes!”

The zebra asks “ how do you figure”

St Peter states

“ well, if you were Black with white stripes, God would have said You is what You is”

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