A Young Sailor About To On His First-Ever Around The World Cruise. –

A young sailor about to on his first-ever around-the-world cruise” visits his grandfather, a retired Admiral.

“Gramps, I’m so excited to go on my first cruise,” he says.

“Well, son, let me see your pack so I can make sure you’re taking everything you need,” says the grandfather.

The sailor goes and grabs his suitcase.

He opens it for his grandfather to inspect, only to get smacked on the back of the head.

“Boy, you’re going around the world. Where’re your pills for motion sickness? What if you get seasick. You don’t want to embarrass yourself. Also, where’s your c0ndoms? You’ll stop in many ports and meet many women. You don’t know what they have or don’t. Be safe.”

The sailor ran to the local pharmacy and bought a bottle of Dramamine and a pack of c0ndoms.

He returned to his grandfather and showed them to him.

“Are you going for one day?! That’s not enough.” said the grandfather,

so the sailor went back to the pharmacy and bought 10 more packs of Dramamine and 10 more packs of c0ndoms.

“Are you kidding?” asked the grandfather when he came back.

“You’re going around the world. That’s at least 6 months.”

The sailor ran off to the pharmacy again, and as he walked in, yelled to the pharmacist,

“100 more packs of Dramamine, and 100 more packs of c0ndoms!”

The elderly pharmacist looks at him and replies:

“Young man, it may not be any of my business, but if she makes you that nauseous, why are you still f*cking her?”