A Woman Was Showing Her Dog At All Of The Local Shows. –



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“Well, the problem is that your dog has too much hair between its toes and we have to deduct points because of that. You have a great dog, but it’s not winning because of the hair between its toes.”

Upset, she says, “I trim it as close as possible! What can I do!?”

“Well”, the judge said,

“go to the pharmacy and get some liquid hair remover and put it between your dog’s toes. You’ll be able to pull the hair right out and you’ll win best in show, I guarantee it!”

So the lady rushed to the pharmacy to find the liquid hair remover.

She went up and down every aisle but couldn’t find it.

The pharmacist saw her searching and asked if he could help.

“I’m looking for liquid hair remover, and I can’t find it.”

The pharmacist said, “It’s on aisle ten. I’ll show you.”

He walked her over and picked up the bottle.

As he handed it to her he said,

“Now after you use this, you can’t wear pantyhose for a couple of days because the chemicals will bond the nylon to your skin.”

The woman said, “Oh, it’s not for my legs, it’s for my schnauzer.”

And the pharmacist said,

“Well, in that case, don’t ride a bicycle for at least a week.”