A Woman Making Love In An Apartment 20 Floors High. –

A woman was having s*x in an apartment 20 floors high with another man.

She then heard her husband coming..

She told her lover to stay like a robot and not to move.

Husband: What is this?

Wife: This is a robot I bought to have s*x with when you are travelling…

Husband: Okay… Let’s have s*x now…

Wife: No sweetheart.. Yesterday I got my period, so I will go and make a cup of coffee for you…

After she left the husband said:

Damn, I am so horny, I will f*ck this robot…

He tried f*cking. The man started talking in a metallic robotic way…

“System error

Wrong hole

System error

Wrong hole..”

Husband: Damn robot is not working properly. I am throwing it out of the window.

The lover realized that he was on the 20th floor he said:



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