A woman have just win the lottery.


A woman raced her car up her driveway, squealed the brakes, and screeched to a stop.

She ran inside, banged the front door shut, and yelled, “Honey, pack your suitcase! I just won the Powerball!”

Her husband shouted back, “Wow! Really? That’s awesome!! What do you want me to pack? Mountain stuff or Caribbean stuff?



She shouted back, “I don’t give a flip. Just get the hell out!”

Pay for your past bills

A customer sent an order to a distributor for a large amount of goods totaling a great deal of money.

The distributor noticed that the previous bill hadn’t been paid. The collections manager left a voice mail for them saying, “We can’t ship your new order until you pay for the last one.”



The next day the collections manager received a collect phone call, “Please cancel the order. We can’t wait that long.”

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