A Traveller Arrives In A Remote Village. –

A traveller arrives in a remote village, he receives a warm welcome.

The villagers gather around him, asking him to tell them about his adventures.

“Well.. what do you want to know?” he asked.

After a brief pause, they answered:

“Tell us what animals did you see?”

“What animals do you know?” He asked them.

After some thought, the villagers answered:

“We know donkey” They started pointing at a donkey carelessly standing in the village yard.

“Yes, donkey.. we know donkey”. They answered in unison.

The traveller stared at the donkey, trying to remember any interesting encounters.

“Well, I’ve been to Africa and I saw a zebra”

“What is that? What’s a zebra?”

“How should I explain this?” He thought whilst looking around, until his eyes fixed on the donkey.

“You know donkey, right?”

“Yes, yes. We know donkey!” They said, Smiling and nodding.

“Imagine donkey… white, with black stripes. That’s a zebra”.

“Wow.. what else did you see?”

They asked, mesmerized by the new information.

“I’ve been to Australia and I’ve seen kangaroo”

“What’s kangaroo?” They asked, eyes and mouths wide open.

Again he thought of the best explanation.

Again the donkey caught his eyes.

This time, the donkey looked back at him and they stared awkwardly at each other for a moment.

“You know donkey, right?” “Yes, yes. We know donkey!”

“Imagine: donkey… standing on two feet, hopping around”

“Amazing. Tell us more!” the villagers were incomplete astonishment such animals exist.

“Also, I’ve been to Brazil and I saw a python”

“What’s a python?”

A moment of silence.

He looks at the donkey. Thinks for a brief moment…

“You know donkey, right?”

“Yes, yes. We know donkey!”

“Imagine donkey… gone! c0ck remains.”

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