A Tiny Sparrows Sat On A Telephone Wire.

One late Fall morning at sunrise three tiny sparrows sat on a telephone wire overlooking a country road.

The freezing wind blew, the wire swayed uncomfortably, and the tiny birds were cold, hungry, and pathetic.

As the sun rose, a pony clip-clopped along the road below and dropped a huge pile of crap on the road as it walked along.

All three sparrows looked down and saw dozens of seeds poking out the pile as it sat steaming in the morning sun.

They hopped off the wire, flew down onto the road, and pecked and pecked until their tummies were full.

Satisfied, they fluttered back up onto the wire as the sun rose up higher into the morning sky.

Now, the three sparrows sat on the wire and the morning sun warmed their little their feathers.

The chill breeze stopped blowing. With their little tummies full they all basked happily in the morning sun.

Finally, as they sat happily on the wire one of the little sparrows, warm and full and happy, could not contain itself and started to sing its little heart out.

Next along the road, that morning came a little boy with a BB gun who heard the happy sparrow singing.

The boy looked up and saw the noisy little sparrow, raised his gun, and shot it right off the wire.

It fell down on the road dead as can be.

The moral of the story is? No matter how wonderful you feel, if you’re full of crap, you need to keep your beak shut.

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