A Test to See If You Can Find the Beetle of a Different Color


Our eyes can be deceived if we are overconfident in our sight, especially when it comes to finding an object that is slightly different than others in patterns of several repeated images. This time, we’re using beetles to test your eyes. Do you think you will be able to identify the one that is slightly different from the rest?

We has created a few images to challenge you and to test your observation skills. And remember, you can always tap on the image to see the answer. Are you ready?

Test 1:


Test 2:

Test 3:

Test 4:

Test 5:

Test 6:

Test 7:

Test 8:

Test 9:

Test 10:

Did you manage to find them all? Would you like to invite some of your friends to try it out? Share your results and send this challenge to those you think could be ready to face the challenge of beating you!


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