A strong woman


“Strong women aren’t simply born. We are forged through the challenges of life. With each challenge, we grow mentally and emotionally. We move forward with our head held high and a strength that can not be denied. A woman who’s been through the storm and survived. We are warriors.”

10 Life Lessons To Learn From A Strong Woman

Life is a journey of twists, turns, triumphs, and trials, but nonetheless, it’s a course we all must travel. While we learn a lot on this road, whether we like it or not, they all happen for a variety of reasons. These reasons are for us to learn, grow and help someone else who may have gone through or happen to be going through the same things. On my trip through life, I learned many lessons from people, directly and indirectly, involved in it. But I must say that the observation of other strong women and taking their advice about life, love, career, and beliefs have been the greatest lessons that have been learned. I believe these gems will be valuable to some of you.

1. Love and let go.

A strong woman knows what it feels like to grow close to someone and then let go of them. At first, the feeling of losing someone you love is devastating. You think, “How can I go on without this person in my life?” But a strong woman finds a way to move forward. She understands that life goes on, even after that her lover or friend is no longer part of her life. A strong woman learns how to let another person go, and it becomes easier each time due to the independence and courage she has built up over the years.

2. Take risks.

A strong woman is not afraid to do what she thinks is best. She will move to another city in the middle of the war and start a new life. She is not worried about what lies ahead because she takes risks. A strong woman is so self-assured that she knows the risk is worth taking, and that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to in the end.

3. Pick yourself up after you fail.

A strong woman is not afraid of failure because she has already experienced it. She started something that took time and effort and failed, but she still manages to get up and start again. A strong woman has lost a job, a loved one, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, yet she manages to overcome that failure and rebuild herself.

4. Move away from your parents.

A strong woman knows what it’s like to leave home early on. She knows what it feels like to say goodbye to her mother and father and fly to a country all the way across the world. She knows how to take care of herself, even when her family is so far away. A strong woman can better understand the value of her parents and family when she returns.

5. Venture outside your comfort zone.

A strong woman has entered a crowded room without knowing a single soul and been able to walk around like she owns the place. She recognizes the importance of moving to a new city, new country, new job, new relationship, etc. A strong woman will come out with new friends and experiences that will last a lifetime.

6. Find comfort in solitude.

A strong woman is familiar with people who come and go. She is happy when she is surrounded by people, yet remains comfortable when she is alone in her room at night. At first, she is sad, but she knows that loneliness is only temporary.

7. Experience war.

A strong woman has experienced war. She has heard the sirens go off; she has seen people run to shelters to seek safety; she has looked in the sky when rockets were being intercepted above, like fireworks exploding in a sea of black. A strong woman has seen the look of fear on a mother’s face when she knows her children are in danger. War has only made her stronger and helped her value life even more.

8. Conquer your worst fears.

A strong woman has fears like everyone else. However, she understands that fears can be irrational and need to be conquered to overcome them. A strong woman gets on the airplane, even if she does not want. She leaves home because she knows it will only help her grow; she has entered the ICU to visit a sick parent even though she is scared to see what’s waiting behind the doors.

9. Push your body.

A strong woman knows her body well. She understands that the exercise will make her stronger. She breathes, stretches, and eats well, all because she knows it’s good for her health and longevity in the end.

10. Dream big.

After all, a strong woman always dreams big. She wants to do something herself and does her best. A strong woman wants to do a lot of things and manages to do so, little by little. She does not say “no” or “it is not possible”. A strong woman believes in herself and strives to achieve her goals. A strong woman knows no boundaries.


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