A Rabbi And A Priest Get Into A Huge Car Accident

After both of them crawl out of their cars, the rabbi looks and the priest and says:

“Look at that! Both of our cars are completely demolished, and yet here we are alive and well! This must be a sign from God that we should become good friends!”

The Priest, looking at the total wreckage of both cars agrees.

The rabbi then grabs something from his destroyed car and says: “And look at that, even though everything in my car is destroyed, this bottle of expensive wine is not broken. This is also a sign from God that we should open it now and drink together to celebrate our new friendship!”.

The priest agrees.

The rabbi than hands the wine bottle to the priest and he takes a few big chugs from it. He than hands it back to the rabbi.

The rabbi immediately puts the bottle cap on and hands it back to the priest.

The priest, confused, asks “Aren’t you going to drink some?”

The rabbi than says “You know… I think I’ll wait for the police to arrive!”

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