A Policeman Pulls A Farmer Over For Speeding. –

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A policeman pulls a farmer over for speeding and proceeds to write him a ticket… :

The farmer notices some flies buzzing around annoying the officer.

The policeman is shooing flies more than he’s writing.

The farmer says

“I see you’re being bothered by those circle flies.”

The policeman says, “If that’s what you call them, yes, they are somewhat annoying.

The farmer says,

“Yeah, we call them that because we see them circling around the rear ends of horses.”

The policeman says,

“Hmmm. Did you just call me a horse’s a$s?”

The farmer says,

“Oh, no sir, officer. I have way too much respect for those who serve in law enforcement to ever say such a thing.”

The policeman says,

“Well, that’s a good thing, then.”

The farmer adds,

“But it sure is hard to fool those circle flies.”