A Pigeon, A Snake, And A Bear Are Debating. –


A pigeon, a snake, and a bear are debating

“See that family over there,” the pigeon says, looking at a happy family at a park,

“I can go over to their picnic and get the humans to give food.”

The snake and bear give a laugh.

“We can all get food,” they say.

“No,” the pigeon dictates,

“I can get them to give me food in a more creative way than you two.”

The pigeon flies over to the picnic, landing close to one of the plates.

He flapped around, hopping, flying and cooing.

The father looks over and laughs, taking a piece of bread and throwing it at the pigeon.

The pigeon, carrying the bread over, eats it happily as the snake and bears the look on.

“Please,” the snake says, “I can do better.”

The snake slithers up to the picnic, near the plate of muffins.

As the snake slithered, the father let out a yelp.

Immediately the father chased the snake away from the picnic until the snake was back with the pigeon and bear.

The bear laughed. “You guys are amateurs,” he said, rolling on the ground.

“Amateurs!” said the pigeon,

“you think they were afraid of the snake, what makes you think they’re not going to be afraid of you?”

The bear smiled. “Just watch,” he said as he walked over to the picnic.

The pigeon and snake watched as the bear approached the family. They dropped their jaws when to their absolute shock the family laughed and gave him a large plate of ribs.

As the three ate the bear’s prize, the pigeon looked down.

“I guess you were right,” the pigeon reluctantly confirmed,

“but all I want to know is, how you were able to do it.”

“Well,” the bear growled,

“I just asked. You know we can speak English, d*mb sh!t.”

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