A Pig Walks Into A Pub. –

A pig walks into a pub.

He goes up to the bar and sees a curious-looking bottle bubbling away with mist emanating from the top.

Slightly flummoxed he asks the barman,

“What’s this about then?”

The barman replies,

“Well, this is a mystic potion, a concoction of my very own. Take a sip and it’ll magically release your full potential.”

“[email protected]” shouts the pig.

“You see that big cat over there,” the barman says, pointing at a huge lion,

“He used to be a puny house kitty. He took a sip of the magic potion and now he’s King of the jungle”.

“That guy over there,” pointing to a toothy crocodile,

“He used to be a tiny lizard until he took a sip of the magic potion and now he’s the top of the food chain!”

“Okay,” said the pig.

He grabbed the potion and took a large swig. A puff of smoke instantly enveloped him, and as it cleared he looked down at himself in utter shock.

He had been transformed into a human!

“What the hell has your potion done to me?” shouts the pig

“Hmmm”, says the barman,

“how do you feel?”

“I feel like… I feel… I want to be more selfish… I feel like lying, like promising the world only to not deliver…”

“Yep, as I expected”, says the barman,

“it’s turned you into a politician”.

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