A Penguin Is Driving Through The Desert. –

A penguin is driving through the desert and his car starts to sputter and loose power.

He just barely makes it to a mechanic, the car stalling out as he coasted into the parking lot.

He walking in and asks if there is anything that can be done.

The mechanic tells him that he’ll give it a look and to go to the ice cream shop next door while he waits.

The penguin is more than willing because it’s hot and he is not used to the desert heat.

He walks into the shop and is surprised to find they are out of every flavor except vanilla.

But he is so hot and exhausted it didn’t matter at this point, so he orders the largest size vanilla.

As he sat down, having been in a little flustered, he realized that he can’t hold a spoon with his flippers.

Again being hot and exhausted, he just starts paddling it into his mouth, resulting in him making quite a mess.

When he is finished he walks back over to the mechanic, ice cream still dripping from his beak.

He asks the mechanic if he figured out what was wrong.

The mechanic says,

“Listen buddy it looks like you blew a seal.”

The penguin replies,


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