A Married Couple Is Sailing With A Young Tour Guide.

[pinterest-image image=”https://ispecially.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/A-Married-Couple-Is-Sailing-With-A-Young-Tour-Guide..jpg”]A married couple is sailing with a young tour guide. :

There’s a sudden storm and the boat gets destroyed.

Luckily, all three of them survive and manage to swim towards a small island.

Once they’ve caught their breath, the tour guide speaks.

“Let’s take turns keeping watch for any ships that come by for help. I’ll climb up that palm tree and keep watch during the day, and one of you can keep watch in the night.”

The couple agrees and decide that the husband will keep watch in the day, and the tour guide at night, with the wife watching the coastline both times.

The tour guide climbs up the tree and begins to get comfortable.

After a few minutes, he looks down at the couple and yells,

“Hey you two, stop f*cking down there!”

“We’re not f*cking down here!“, the husband yells back.

After some more time passes, the tour guide once again looks down and yells

” Stop f*cking down there!”

Once again, the husband denies any f*cking.

This continues for a while until it is night and the husband climbs up the tree.

The tour guide seduces the wife and begins to have s*x with her once they are alone.

Meanwhile, the husband stretched out on the tree and narrows his eyes at them.

“Hey!” he thinks,

“that son of a b!tch was right! It really does look like they’re f*cking down there!”