A Man Is Walking His Prized Pit Bull. –

A man is walking his prized pit bull down the street.

He comes across another man, walking a chihuahua in his direction.

He tells the man:

“Hey sir, you should probably cross the street. My pitbull was trained to fight and will rip your tiny dog to shreds!”

To which the man with the chihuahua replies:

“Oh no, sir, it is you who should cross the street; I wouldn’t want your beautiful pitbull to get hurt.”

The pitbull owner laughs and says:

“Want to bet? Let’s let them off their leashes and see what happens.”

Chihuahua owner shrugs and says okay. Both dog owners release the leashes, and the chihuahua proceeds to destroy and devour the pitbull.

The pit bull owner, in absolute disbelief, says:

“Holy crap! I can’t believe it! I will buy your dog from you right now, how much do you want for him?”

The chihuahua owner thinks for a moment, and replies:

“20 thousand and he’s yours.”

“20 thousand?! Why so much?!”

“Well…. it was 10 thousand for the crocodile and 10 thousand for the plastic surgery.”