A Man Is Drunk At A Bar.

A man is drunk at a bar

After finally deciding to go home to his wife, he promptly vomits all over his shirt.

He becomes worried his wife will be angry at him for allowing himself to get so drunk.

Thankfully, his friend at the bar comes to his aid;

“Here, take this $10 bill. Tell your wife some guy threw up on your shirt, and he gave you this $10 to replace it.”

The man thanks his friend, and then heads home.

When he gets home his wife notices the puke on his shirt.

“Honey, what happened to your shirt? Were you out drinking again?”

“Some guy puked on me while I was walking home, and gave me $10 for a new one.”

“But there’s $30 in your hand?”

“Yeah well he took a sh!t in my pants as well.”

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